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The Arizona Medical Education Consortium (AzMEC) formed in 2003 as a direct outgrowth of the Phoenix Area Medical Education Consortium. PAMEC was created in 1996 to collectively enhance the graduate medical education opportunities in Phoenix.

By combining the academic resources of The University of Arizona College of Medicine with the clinical resources, local faculty commitment and traditions of the teaching hospitals in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tucson, AzMEC now offers the strongest possible clinical training experience available in Arizona to over 1,100 residents.

Further, AzMEC develops programs and processes to strengthen and support all GME programs associated with the University of Arizona.
Members of the Arizona Medical Education Consortium (AzMEC) include:

Through affiliation with The University of Arizona College of Medicine, these medical institutions allow a wide array of expertise and resources ensuring the ability to create and maintain the highest quality academic curriculum in association with an abundant and variable patient mix. The ability to utilize the natural strengths of each existing program and the shared resources to enhance and create excellence in identified areas requiring improvement in training experience, with a strong research wing to track and study educational and patient care outcomes, will allow a continuously improving education program.

Graduate medical education consortia are developing throughout the United States. These combined entities of academic and community-based teaching hospitals offer stability to the established quality resident training programs in this rapidly changing market.

Under the leadership of Michael Grossman, MD, MACP, associate dean for GME for the University of Arizona College of Medicine - Phoenix and executive director of AzMEC, the consortium is focusing on effective clinical training to ensure continued success in providing the highest quality educational experience for all residents.


Purposes of the Consortium

  • Serve as an integral clinical partner for the Arizona state initiative in biomedical research
  • Assist member organizations in the continuation of distinguished graduate medical education and undergraduate medical school clinical rotations in our hospitals, measured in part by their continued ability to compete nationally for the best students
  • Assist member organizations in meeting the significant changes occurring in the accreditation requirements and financing of graduate medical education by assisting with:
      • Internal Reviews
      • ACGME General Competencies and Core Curricula
      • Coordinating clinical rotations and training policies
  • Provide a forum for discussion of issues that affect strategic direction, policies and procedures of all AzMEC institutions
  • Provide a forum for discussing and resolving on-going issues affecting medical education in Arizona
  • Demonstrate the benefits of GME to the community and state by aligning the Member organization’s goals to the needs of our trainees and healthcare needs of Arizona

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